In accordance with the EU legislation, Kneissl has updated its Cookie and Online Marketing Policy.

Kneissl primarily uses cookies for analyzing how users navigate around our sites and to ensure delivery of an efficient web service. We do this using the popular Google Analytics tool – and via a number of other harmless cookies. No private information can be gleaned from this data.

The EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications has stipulated that cookies are a useful tool for many activities; and this notice explains a bit more about what cookies are and how they are used by Kneissl.

Cookies Explained:

Cookies are simple text files sent to your computer, mobile device or tablet by websites. Once these cookies have been sent, the website can tell when that user has returned. The cookie cannot access or read any other information on the user’s computer or device, and cannot harm their machine or discover any personal information about the user.

Cookies will only transfer information to the website which the users have already given to that website; for example which pages the user has looked at. Cookies therefore enable interactions between users and websites to be faster and more efficient.

In order to make full and efficient use of the Kneissl website, the device you are browsing on will need to accept cookies (if you would like to opt out of using cookies, we will explain how to do so at the end of this notice). Cookies on the Kneissl site enable users to navigate around the site more effectively; they are also used to check the performance of new designs, content and initiatives… along with recording data on browser performance and effectiveness.

Kneissl will issue cookies as soon as you access our sites for the first time (again, we will take you through how to stop this at the end of this notice. However, performance of the websites will be affected, which is why we recommend that you continue to accept them from Kneissl). A cookie may also be delivered before accessing our websites, for example if you come to us via a Google Advertisement.

Types of Cookie:

Analytics & Performance Cookies:

These are used to collect information on how our users navigate and use the websites. No information about the user’s identity is collected and all information is anonymous. These are used to improve the functionality of the website and to deliver the optimum content to the users.

Functional Cookies:

These types of cookies remember individual site preference. So for example if you want the text a certain size, or language, the cookie will remember your preference and tell the website to display the content thusly. All such information is anonymous and the cookies cannot identify any browsing patterns or habits you may have on any other websites.

Essential Cookies:

These are used to aid navigation and deliver the specific services you have asked for. If these cookies are turned off, the browsing experience on Kneissl will be compromised and a first rate service cannot be guaranteed.

Advertising Cookies:

Sometimes cookies are used to deliver advertisements that are relevant to a user’s interests; in addition they can reduce the amount of time a certain advert is viewed… and can also measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Often these cookies are placed by external advertising networks and will remember which categories of site a user visits, before introducing the user to pertinent adverts on a number of websites. Kneissl occasionally uses third party digital organisations to attract new customers to our sites in this fashion.

Such behavioural advertising is based on your browsing habits over a period of time. So for example if you have recently been searching to buy or rent a new property… you may suddenly start noticing a number of adverts for estate and letting agents on a variety of sites you visit.

Kneissl cannot control, nor do we have access to any cookies that may be placed on your computer by any third party advertiser. Further down this page, we give detailed information on how you can opt out of all such targeted advertising.

Controlling Your Cookies

By using our site, you are consenting to accept the cookies we utilise to enhance user experience and deliver a first rate website service. You are, of course, not required to consent to using our cookies, and we can help you set your internet browser to reject them. However, we do warn that this will hinder your user experience.

In order to turn off any cookies that may be placed on your computer, please select your internet browser from the list below, and follow the instructions in the relevant link.

Internet Explorer

For mobile devices, click here:

Windows Phone

Turning Off Advertising Cookies:

In addition to controlling the use of cookies, you can also choose to opt out of targeted advertising and behavioural cookies.

The Internet Advertising Bureau provides a simple solution to opting out of this here




What We Still Stand For

Kneissl value quality without compromise. We respect our traditions and moved away from mass production in order to concentrate on providing the very best bespoke skis in the world.

Behind our classic, timeless designs lies cutting edge technology and market-leading innovation that has moved with the times, adjusted to the needs of today and continues to remain relevant.

We pride ourselves on utilising natural materials, whilst remaining environmentally responsible. All our skis contain expertly crafted woodcore in sandwich-technology that delivers the perfect flex and torsion for each individual member of our product range.

Kneissl is about care, precision and outstanding product performance. We have achieved mainstream success, built up a loyal, cult following… and are continuing to deliver a world class service that is yet to be bettered.

150 Years of Craftsmanship

Founded in 1862, Kneissl has been hand making skis for longer than anyone else in the world. Our market leading company is based in Austria, and it is here that all of our skis are designed using the most advanced techniques and latest technologies… many of which were introduced to the market by us here at Kneissl.

Where we lead, others follow. We were the first ski brand in Austria; in the 1930s we produced the first ski to completely conquer the market, and in the 1950s introduced the world’s first multi-coloured ski. In 1960 we launched the first synthetic sandwich construction ski, in the 1970s we utilised injection technology to, yet again, change the way skis were produced… and by the 1980s our skiers had spent years dominating both the World Championships and the Winter Olympics.

In the 1990s our Big Foot ski became the best-selling product in the history of alpine skiing…and our Kneissl ERGO introduced the carving ski to the world. Our innovations in the 21st century include the launch of Glide Technology and introducing the first ever ski with 6 active edges.