What We Still Stand For

Kneissl value quality without compromise. We respect our traditions and moved away from mass production in order to concentrate on providing the very best bespoke skis in the world.

Behind our classic, timeless designs lies cutting edge technology and market-leading innovation that has moved with the times, adjusted to the needs of today and continues to remain relevant.

We pride ourselves on utilising natural materials, whilst remaining environmentally responsible. All our skis contain expertly crafted woodcore in sandwich-technology that delivers the perfect flex and torsion for each individual member of our product range.

Kneissl is about care, precision and outstanding product performance. We have achieved mainstream success, built up a loyal, cult following… and are continuing to deliver a world class service that is yet to be bettered.

150 Years of Craftsmanship

Founded in 1862, Kneissl has been hand making skis for longer than anyone else in the world. Our market leading company is based in Austria, and it is here that all of our skis are designed using the most advanced techniques and latest technologies… many of which were introduced to the market by us here at Kneissl.

Where we lead, others follow. We were the first ski brand in Austria; in the 1930s we produced the first ski to completely conquer the market, and in the 1950s introduced the world’s first multi-coloured ski. In 1960 we launched the first synthetic sandwich construction ski, in the 1970s we utilised injection technology to, yet again, change the way skis were produced… and by the 1980s our skiers had spent years dominating both the World Championships and the Winter Olympics.

In the 1990s our Big Foot ski became the best-selling product in the history of alpine skiing…and our Kneissl ERGO introduced the carving ski to the world. Our innovations in the 21st century include the launch of Glide Technology and introducing the first ever ski with 6 active edges.